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Week 14: Get ready, get (on) set, go!

Defaf crosses the finishing line in style

It's the final week - I can't believe it! The time has flown ..

We started this week with the filming of our own short drama and an early start on Monday. I had the lovely Deirdre playing a skivvy in the 1940s. I added a bit of eczema to her hands as the poor woman had apparently been working too hard. I also prepared a switch with tight curls for her hairstyle, which was only to show at the front as she was wearing a scarf while getting on with her duties. The whole day was great experience for working on set (when to go on etc) and with a very experienced director who also debriefed us the next day when we had a look at the rushes. These then went off to be edited for a final viewing on Friday.

Vicky Voller, makeup designer for Holby City, also joined us for the domestic violence photographic shoot. Here's my work:

Vicky also showed us some fascinating examples of her own work:

Then came Friday, with feedback from the tutors, a viewing of our film and then it was all over .. The course has been an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable experience - my thanks to everyone involved! I'll be writing more for the Greasepaint blog in future I hope - especially about any exciting jobs I might be doing through the Agency ...